Felipe Esparza Drops Epic Comedy Special: Bad Decisions

What’s up fool?!

Felipe Esparza is back with a new stand up comedy special that is actually two comedy specials, Bad Decisions (in English), and Malas Decisions (in Spanish), both available now on Netflix. In each edition, Felipe delivers a wicked view of sex, drugs and the absurdities of family in this one-person show.

This is Esparza’s third comedy special. He previously released They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You for Showtime in 2012, and Translate This for HBO in 2017. You may also have seen him in a recurring role on NBC’s sitcom, Superstore, Adult Swim’s Eric Andre Show (which is coming back soon), and on the new Netflix series, Gentefied, in which he plays “Crazy Dave.” Esparza’s real-life crazy lifestyle choices, from childhood to parenthood, make up the bulk of his new special. And it’s freakin’ epic in both languages.

Below, one of the funniest Latino voices in comedy joins his homeboy Humberto Guida on Checkitow to give us the down low:



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