Gabriel Iglesias fist bumping fabrizio guido
Gabriel Iglesias fist bumping fabrizio guido

Fabrizio Guido Shines Opposite Fluffy in Mr. Iglesias Season 2

The new season of Mr. Iglesias premiered on Netlfix this week. And while the star of the show, headlining comic Gabriel Iglesias, is busy garnering most of the praise and headlines, it’s worth putting the spotlight on Fabrizio Guido, a rising Latinx actor co-starring in the hit sitcom. The series follows a good-natured high school history teacher (Gabriel Iglesias) who tries to help gifted misfits, including Fabrizio who plays “Mikey.”

With the second season of Mr. Iglesias in full swing, LATV’s Humberto Guida caught up with Fabrizio via Zoom to get into all the behind the scenes awesomeness of this fun family show. Check it out below:



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