Excuse My Accent – New Org Cuts Through the Dialect

Artist/Activist Rob Young dropped by LATV Studios to talk to us about the organization, Excuse My Accent, and how hip-hop has brought him closer to different people (and accents) and why that’s a good thing.

It began with two musicians who met from a mutual love for writing and performing music. Excuse My Accent was born from a conversation between these two people. Drei Ros, being a Romanian, was worried about how his accent was perceived. Rob Young felt his accent is not only what made him unique, but is also what created a connection to those who feel the same.

Quickly they realized the magnitude of this concept. What was a rally cry to highlight and express the distraught state of the country soon became a movement – a song that embodied the spirit of the immigration experience and spoke of the racial divide in America.

Rob has also used the organization to reach out to deported U.S. Veterans. Over the past year, Excuse My Accent has connected with a particular group of veterans whose experiences are seldom shared. These veterans, led by Hector Barajas (covered recently in an episode of LatiNation) enlisted while non-citizens, but as permanent residents with green cards who, after serving, were deported from America.

Rob is a leader to watch and the kind of person who can bring all kinds of communities together. Check out the exclusive interview below:



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