Ex Police Chief of Honduras Facing US Drug Charges

Looks like Netflix might have to start working on Narcos: Honduras. In the latest string of drug charges against top Honduran officials, prosecutors are claiming former Police Chief of Honduras, Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares, aka “El Tigre” helped ship multiple tons of cocaine into the United States on behalf of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández and his brother.

Thus far, both El Tigre and President Hernández have denied all allegations. The Honduran President has not been charged with any US crimes, and has denied repeatedly that he has any association with criminal drug enterprise and/or financial bribery.

Allegedly, El Tigre oversaw numerous outgoing shipments containing multiple tons of cocaine on their way to the United States. He has also allegedly been involved with acts of extreme violence, including the murder of a rival drug trafficker in 2011.

Ironically, El Tigre was selected as Honduran Police Chief by former President Porfirio Lobo to clean up the escalation of crime and fix the government’s public image – despite prior murder charges.

El Tigre was officially charged by US prosecutors with conspiring to import cocaine and carrying machine guns – charges that amount to a maximum sentence of life in prison.

As of now, no one knows where exactly El Tigre is hiding, but he told Honduran TV he would go anywhere necessary to defend his honor: “I feel my dignity has been completely offended because I’m not a drug trafficker.”

This news comes at a time when thousands of Honduran citizens are emigrating from their home country to the US in order to avoid widespread violence and poverty.

This story is developing – check back for updates.

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Photo: Associated Press



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