Eric Andre Scrambled My Brain | Quarantine Queue

Eric Andre is the truth that reality needs fact checked right now. The hyper-kinetic, absurdist comedian’s new stand up special on Netflix, Legalize Everything, is an exposé of frantic, blush-worthy, even dangerous material – heavy on the outlandish behavior and undaunted naughtiness. Simply put, I love him for getting away with it; somebody should.

Now…what’s another way to say what I kind of said above and serve it as my second paragraph, because I’m stuck here. Oh snap, did I ask that in writing? Sorry, I’m so present these days, I say and write out my thoughts in real time right now even if I’m in the middle of something else. You should see me ordering food. Anyway, here is what I came up with: Andre prolifically explodes on stage with an energetic set of a sometimes raunchy, entirely raw performance that you probably want to watch with your abuela just to see how she takes it (don’t if she has any heart conditions or allergies to ethnic ambiguity or jokes about sex acts with poultry).

I couldn’t get enough of it. I didn’t even realize stuff like this was still allowed!

I became obsessed with Eric Andre during his absolutely savage performance on Adult Swim’s, The Eric Andre Show. The ever changing, but always manic, chaotic, spazmatic and silly opening made me want to shave my eyebrows and change my name to something that rhymes with Gubertino. How much were guests, who often look confused and befuddled, let on? Rumor is, Eric is a transplant from another planet where your metabolism runs on pure adrenaline and acid. If this article makes little to no sense, it is at least an indication of how intense the inspiration I got from watching this stand up special.

Here is me hanging out with Eric at the Hollywood Farmers Market. By hanging out I mean we were standing in line waiting for coffee and he saw me taking a selfie and goes, “Hey let me jump in on that!” I swear that’s how it happened.

I hope Eric reads this and decides to come wreck my set on The Checkitow Podcast. I bet I can even talk LATV into allowing it. As long as we use an old monitor, the table I proudly found in the alley, and the chairs with the squeeks behind the brick wall we keep in Stage 1. I just checked, it’s allowed.

But I’ll admit, this special is not for everybody. Take a look at the teaser below.



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