Empathology 101: How to Deal with the Current Times

Can I get an amen if you’re like…damn can 2020 chill out!? With the current state of affairs, 2020 has proven to be A LOT – and the most difficult part is that we’re still trapped in our homes, so we tend to feel things even stronger than we normally would. If the above resonates with you, it may be because you’re an empath. 

An empath is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. It’s like having sympathy, but empaths differ in that they don’t just feel, they internalize their surroundings and create a legitimate bond with other people’s feelings.

Still wondering if you’re an empath? Here are four signs to look for. 

1) You can pick up on people’s energy without them saying anything. You can feel people’s vibes and probably notice the slightest shift in body language. You are a nonverbal cue detective!

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2) You do what you can to help people feel better about a situation. Because you understand how a person is feeling even without them saying anything, you’re that much more inclined to want to help them feel better.

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3) You think with your heart and not your head. When you see someone in need, your heart may tell you to connect with them, even if it means neglecting your own wellbeing for a little while.

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4) You need time to recharge…in all honesty, you probably need alone time to recharge from people and life. You may feel overwhelmed by the sight of things, by simple conversation you had, and all the people that you had to encounter that day.

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Being an empath is actually a skill that is favored in careers that require personal relationship skills, like being a nurse or a therapist. It means that you’ll be more inclined to try and understand people!

However, empaths often get a bad rap for being too sensitive. Within the Latinx community in particular, where machismo is prevalent, little boys are told they can’t cry or that they should “man up.” There’s also the “hardworking” narrative that many children of immigrant families feel they need to uphold, where there’s no time to feel and it’s all about working hard to live the American Dream. It can be overwhelming to want to push through life when you absorb your surroundings, but don’t have the time to reflect on how you feel or how to move forward. 

So, here are 4 tips for my fellow empaths out there during this difficult time: 

1) Decompress.

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Find the time to recharge and perform rituals that ground you. Whether that’s journaling or blowing off steam running, make a list of things that will help you physically release tension.

2) Create your ambiance.

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You don’t have to sit alone in the dark. Any alone time to decompress is important, so make sure to enjoy a pampering experience. Know what your preferred choice of drink is, buy some candles, and get that face mask on.

3) Put yourself first

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Start noticing moments in which you put others first. Empaths will often neglect themselves in their desire to help others. It’s okay to want to be of service, but for each time you overextend yourself for someone else, do something for yourself too. Make sure you don’t burn out.

4) Make a list of effective ways in which you can be of service

Sometimes people might not want your help, and sometimes the ways in which you’re trying to help might not be useful…to anyone. Don’t overextend yourself just to overextend yourself. Be smart about how you expend your energy.

Check out this episode of Get it Girl below to foster positive ideas and beautiful vibes for yourself.



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