Embracing our Latino Thanksgiving #HowWeDoThanksgiving

Aja… The holidays are here again! 2019 comes to an end and one of the most mainstream celebrations arrives ‘THANKSGIVING’. With so much happening at this time in the world as well as in the calendar, let’s dive into the true meaning of this specific Holiday and how we Latinos can implement it right -from staying healthy to really enjoy this day.

We Latinos come to this country looking for a better life, “the American” dream, and in this quest, we found celebrations such as this one. A day where you reminiscent and notice the good fortune you’ve experienced this year, and you say thanks. ‘Thanksgiving’ Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November year after year. It sets the stage to the beginning of the end of each year and this year the end of an era- 2020 Se Viene.

Most of us have actively embraced this tradition, by gathering with family and friends, cooking all the American recipes – creamy mashed potatoes, a crispy green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and beyond.

We may have even started to go shopping right after Thanksgiving dinner for all the crazy offers you find in the streets during #BlackFriday.

Sin embargo, there are two indisputable facts:

  • Thanksgiving dinner is a larger-than-usual meal.
  • And some deals are truly worth splurging on.

Lamentablemente.. at the end of the day we may have lost a little bit of our own heritage as well as the root of this amazing Holiday. Let’s not even count the extra expenses, as well as, los kilos de más!

So let’s find some solutions:

Regarding the food… What if we balance our food intake for the day? Maybe just cooking one American dish- like Pavo- and combine it with a few of our favorite dishes from our home country it’s more than enough?

Good for your wallet and good for your health- just because of the calories you will be saving in every sense.

Regarding Thanksgiving: Let’s not forget that just saying thanks for our job, our health, our home, and overall being thankful to have all of our basics necessities being meet it’s what truly matters.

And regarding the Black Friday offers… Maybe picking just a few- the ones we truly need- would be more worth it in the long run.


Entonces, draw from your own family history to really personalize any recipe, tradición, y activities during this day. Menos es más at the end of the year, so let’s ALL really dive into saying thanks for all the accomplishments, mistakes, family blessings and much more of what we have at this moment.

It all get’s hectic from now on with the end of the year coming, so we might as well move forward with a peaceful mind, and remembering where we are coming from- Nuestros ancestros estarían orgullosos.

Happy Thanksgiving mi gente.



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