EDM Vibes For The Soul – Free of Charge

This one is for all of my EDM fans and ravers…

I’ll be the first to admit that my heart broke a little bit when the postponement of EDC 2020 was announced. Some of us live for those moments of free expression with beautiful people and the feeling of heavy bass pulsing through your veins! Although most festivals by now are either canceled or postponed, the amount of support and energy still blazing through the EDM community is out of this world!

Keeping the love alive, artists are doing free live streams and online collabs! CEO of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, has confirmed a virtual 3-day live stream to honor the original dates and energy of EDC 2020.

So, to keep you busy until virtual EDC hits your screen, here is a list of virtual concerts happening for free! Get your rave outfits ready, because this house party is now in session.


Streaming weekly on YouTube.


Streaming weekly on YouTube.


Happening this weekend on tv.insomniac.com

4. EDC 2020

A 3-day live stream May 15-17 on Insomniac’s official YouTube or Twitch account.

For the latest information and to see more EDM content check out insomniac.com and edmmaniac.com! And speaking of wanting to go buck wild, here are a few new updates about Burning Man 2020!



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