Julio and Waldramina
Julio and Waldramina

Ecuadorian Couple Becomes Oldest in the World

Marriage is a union that is intended to last a lifetime, but in the case of one Ecuadorian couple it may mean multiple. At the combined age of 214 years, Julio Mora Tapia (110) and Waldramina Quinteros (104) have been confirmed as the world’s oldest couple. The two have been married for an incredible 79 years, spending as much time together as many of us would like to live on this planet.

Currently residing in Quito, Ecuador, the two dated for seven years before tying the knot in 1941. Relatives from each side of the family did not get along with one another, but through the couple’s persistence, the families were able to unite. Now their relationship serves as powerful example to their four children, 11 nietos/nietas and 21 great grandchildren! With such a large familia, we’re sure they have some great parental advice to share as well.

Things have been tough for the couple lately as the spread of COVID-19 has prevented them from seeing their extended family. Despite whatever obstacle may come next, Julio and Waldramina are living proof that they can make it through anything as long as they’re together. If only dating apps could find a love this strong.

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