lola the postmates robot
lola the postmates robot

Dystopian Robotic Food Delivery Future Has Arrived

We are one step away from RoboCop.

So I’m waiting for my Korean barbecue pork, kimchi, and rice bowl at my local spot in Hollywood – and Lola arrives. She is not a Hispanic woman, rather a little four-wheeled, self-driving food delivery robot for Postmates. It has a beach cooler sized compartment that opens when the lady from the Korean barbecue spot walks up with the food delivery. To make things even weirder, the entire exchange is happening in front of a homeless man, which is a cruel irony that appears all too often in Los Angeles.

But, it makes you wonder what’s to stop anyone from kicking the thing over and breaking open it’s container as this little bucket on wheels gallivants its way along Sunset Blvd.

To make things even stranger, while I’m recording this, I start to talk about the little robot with a man who approaches to see what’s going on. The robot, who is named Lola – so I’ll refer to her in the feminine – stops in front of us for a few seconds, almost as if to let us know she knows we were talking about her. Then, she just scoots off. I kept asking this dude on a bike nearby if he was controlling it, because it was hard to believe this little bot was all on its own.

This was like Blade Runner meets RoboCop meets Wall-E. Aldous Huxley is probably spinning in his grave right now. I’m still shaking my head. Check out the video below:



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