drive in theater
drive in theater

Drive-in Theaters Are Back!

While most theaters are temporarily shut down, there is a new way for you to enjoy movie night with your family! Remember drive-in theaters? Well, they are mounting a strong comeback in the wake of our new, government-mandated lifestyle. The drive-in offers a safe and practical option for people to spend a few hours away from the home and still practice social distancing. So, unless you are driving a convertible and coughing every 5 minutes, it’s a win-win for all!

If you are desperate to get out of the house, but wanting to remain safe and responsible during this pandemic, drive-in theaters are a pretty good solution. Aside from paying an entry fee, there’s virtually no human-to-human contact involved. The drivers and passengers (presumably who have already been sheltering togethe) remain confined within their cars and line up in front of the massive screen! It’s as simple as that.

At their peak in the 1950s, there were more than 4,000 drive-ins nationwide; right now, there are just 305. So take advantage of these few remaining relics from the past, and bring your significant other or close family on a pandemic-safe date this weekend.

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