Dreamer Activist Belen Sisa Fights For Immigrant Rights

Belen Sisa is an activist and DACA recipient on the forefront of the battle for undocumented people’s rights. Belen, an Arizona native whose family brought her from Argentina when she was six, has gone on to work as the Latino Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders Campaign and is the co-founder of Undocumented Student for Education Equity at Arizona State University, an activist organization that is fighting for undocumented rights to an equitable education.

Belen has a track record of front lines activism dating back to the beginnings of the Dreamers movement. She made national headlines in 2017 when she was arrested in Washington D.C. after taking part in a sit-in outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office as part of a fight for the “Clean Dream Act.”

Belen and seven other undocumented students were arrested, and furthermore, they refused to leave the jail for six days, in order to pressure Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and then-Republican Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo to block any spending bill that does not include a solution to the issues left ongoing by the Dream Act.

We got to chat with Belen over Zoom in recent days about her own journey as a Dreamer to the current state of DACA. Check out the interview here:



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