‘Double Rainbow Guy’ Lives on in Our Hearts Forever

It all started with a seemingly innocuous video…

…and then he took the world by storm. Paul Vasquez, aka the ‘Double Rainbow Guy’ passed away this past Saturday at the age of 57. Watching this video again and again has brought me so much joy over the years – in fact, the joy-filled clip just celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Vasquez lived a simple life. He grew his own veggies on a mountainside near Yosemite, and enjoyed some killer views on a daily basis. The world probably would have never known of his infectious spirit if it hadn’t been for a YouTube upload one fateful day. His sincere love for nature coupled with his pure spirit make for an intoxicatingly jubilant video of his admiration for a double rainbow. The video, which has amassed almost 50 million views, is three and a half minutes of pure, authentic bliss.

Up until his death, Vasquez has been documenting his life via YouTube since his clip went viral. His YouTube page is almost like a journal of his daily existence. Sadly, a tree fell on his mountainside home in early 2019. He then moved into an apartment, which luckily still had a view of the Sierra Nevadas. We’ll always remember you for your bright smile and joyous energy – rest easy.

Let us know how Paul touched your life in the comments below.



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