dont look away pact
dont look away pact

Don’t Look Away Pact Shines Light on Child Detention

The Don’t Look Away Pact asks voters, specifically those with “traditional” conservative values, to examine their conscience and make a pact to not vote for any candidate who supports child detention and family separation of asylum seekers. 

One year ago, over 800 Lights for Liberty vigils were organized by grassroots citizens and impacted organizations around the world. It was clear that the issue of children in cages and traumatic separation from their families, which has gone on at some capacity for the past several presidential administrations (but has been accelerated by the current regime) has transcended party affiliation.  

A year later, the Federal detention of children continues. Supporters of Lights for Liberty are encouraged to participate in a day of virtual action, which includes amplifying the video produced by Don’t Look Away Pact.

Founders of the Don’t Look Away Pact, a Florida non-profit organization and super-PAC, see this as an extension of what was clear from the Lights for Liberty support. Voters want and demand accountability for their morals on this humanitarian issue in this election.

The first sets of ads were purchased to run last Sunday on Fox News stations across the country.

“The Trump administration allows private prison, for-profit companies to profit from the suffering of innocent children,” said Amy Maldonado, Don’t Look Away Pact advisor. “Children need to be with their families and not in jails. Americans must take responsibility for our government’s violation of the human rights of children seeking asylum. Don’t look away.”

Donations to the Don’t Look Away Pact will purchase additional TV ads in targeted markets in the months leading up to the election as a reminder that these atrocities continue, and that these politicians votes are critical.

The Don’t Look Away Pact is guided by an advisory board of activists and legal professionals who support asylum. For more information, click right here.



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