cesar millan dog whisperer
cesar millan dog whisperer

Dog “Psychologist” Cesar Millan Comes to the Rescue

No more lost dogs! For all pet lovers out there, the world-renowned Mexican-American dog psychologist, Cesar Millan, has come to the rescue. 

You might recognize Millan from his Emmy-nominated series, “The Dog Whisperer,” but after 25 years of canine training experience, he has arrived with a brand new and innovative product for your furry BFF. 

Millan has co-founded Halo, a smart collar with smart fences, intuitive training, and GPS location based on Millan’s dog training expertise. Halo has three main goals in mind: safety, communication, and freedom. Along with his founding and managing partners, Ken Ehrman and Michael Ehrman, Millan created Halo after a personal pet loss, a problem far too familiar among families.

The Halo safety technology will allow dog owners to keep their pets safe in an intuitive way, a first in the dog safety industry. 

What are the Halo features?

  1. Halo Smart Fence 
  2. Expert Cesar Millan Training 
  3. Real-Time Activity Tracking
  4. Best-in-Breed GPS Technology

According to Cesar Millan: “10 million dogs are lost each year in the US alone. With Halo, we give you the peace of mind that your dog is safe before an accident can happen. Combined with my step-by-step 21-day dog training program, the Halo System will teach people to have the best relationship with their dogs, while automatically keeping them safe in any location.”

“Halo is designed to let your dog live a life unleashed,” says Michael Ehrman, founding partner. “Thanks to Cesar’s vision and expertise, this technology can communicate with dogs in a language they intuitively understand. We designed Halo as both technical innovation and an amazingly intuitive approach to dog safety.” 

About Halo

Combining smart technology with Cesar Millan’s expert dog psychology, Halo provides the world’s greatest all-in-one smart fence, tracking, and training solution, making it the world’s most effective smart collar system for dogs. Built on a mission of “no more lost dogs,” the Halo Collar offers safety, communication, and freedom for dogs and their owners alike, designed to build a better world for dogs.

Founded in 2017, Halo is headquartered in Plano, Texas with offices across the nation. To find out more about the world’s most complete safety and training solution or to purchase one today, visit www.halocollar.com.

And… before you go, check out our interview with Cecsar for Hispanic Heritage Month!

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