fighting couple
fighting couple

Divorce Rates Increase During COVID-19 Pandemic

Divorce lawyers are busy these days, since the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a serious blow to marriages in the US. Apparently it took just three weeks under quarantine for some relationships to crumble, according to a survey.

Data from Legal Templates indicates that divorce rates soared during the first four months of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a 34% increase in sales for divorce agreements compared to 2019. What shocked me is that newlyweds married under five months were hit the hardest. I mean…5 months after getting married, you are pretty much still in the honeymoon phase! Plus, being in quarantine is a great time to enjoy some of the perks that happen there – i.e. intimacy and good sex.

But I guess the combination of quarantine life, unstable finances, unemployment rates,  uncertainty, illnesses, deaths of loved ones and child care is a potential molotov cocktail not every couple can handle. But look at it in a positive way: this is a “make you or break you” type of thing. If you can’t be quarantined with the person you love for a a few weeks, you guys weren’t meant to be together, and it’s better you know that sooner rather than later. And if you survive this pandemic as a stronger couple, you can tell your grandkids your marriage survived a pandemic. How cool is that?



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