Diversity stands out with The Golden Globes nominations.

We have been talking a lot about representation in Hollywood and even though we are still far from getting equal representation, the good news is that we’ve come a long way. 

In this edition of the Golden Globes, Cuban Ana De Armas is nominated for Best Actress in a motion picture for her performance in “Knives Out” where we finally see a Latina with green eyes and fair skin, playing a Latina. It was about time we would break the stereotypes about how Latinas look. Antonio Banderas is also nominated for Best Actor for “Pain and Glory” directed by Pedro Almodovar who got a second nomination as Best Foreign film. 

In a Television Series, the LGBTQ community has a presence thanks to Ben Platt in “The Politician” and Billy Porter “Pose”. On the actress side though, TV is behind when it comes to representation (unless you count British as diverse). All the actresses are as white as my wedding dress. But hopefully next year we add a little bit of color on that section.

Netflix is impressively leading the pack with more nominations that anyone else, followed by HBO, whose golden egg, Game Of Thrones, wasn’t as golden as the previous years where it used to break award show records, leaving Kit Harington nominated as a solo artist this year.

Aside from Latinx representation and LGBTQ, other minorities had a piece of the cake this year too. Comedian Ramy Youssef, Parasite’s directors Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-won, Cynthia Erivofor for “Harriet” and Awkwafina for the “The Farewell”. As I said, we still have a long way to go, but we are one step closer every year.



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