trump biden debate
trump biden debate

Debate 2020: Wait, What Just Happened?

Well, 2020 just keeps getting more and more insane – and last night was no exception. Make sure to register to vote! The first official presidential debate was less like a debate and more like another classic debacle between Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia. Poor Chris Wallace was less of a moderator and more of an elementary school teacher trying to settle a dispute over who would get the last donut during lunch. At times it was almost impossible to focus on the actual substance of the debate because of the sheer idiocracy.

As usual, everyone wants to know who won. The honest truth is, who knows? It was a doomsday shouting match with each candidate interrupting the other, Trump lying repeatedly, and Biden in complete disbelief of the events transpiring. In fact, it turned into a Trump vs. Chris Wallace debate at many points throughout the evening. Never in my life have I wanted to see a commercial more than I did during those 90 minutes – anything to break up the madness.

The most memorable portion of the night was when Trump asked the Proud Boys to “stand by and stand back,” instead of denouncing White Supremacists when asked to do so by both Wallace and Biden. Many people were shocked by this action, and a social media uproar ensued. Now, Trump is saying he doesn’t even know who the Proud Boys are, according to NPR. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…VOTE!



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