Comedian Dave Chappelle on stage
Comedian Dave Chappelle on stage

Dave Chapelle Shows Up Strong with Searing “8:46”

Dave Chapelle knows how to wait for his moment. Two weeks after one of the most impactful events in our nation’s history, a racially charged tragedy that moved a country to march in the streets, one of the hardest hitting voices in the conversation stepped up – and he told it like it really is.

Dave Chapelle put out a video on Youtube. It’s an excerpt from an upcoming special, shot out in a ranch in his home state of Ohio. The video is called “8:46.” That’s how long that cop had his knee on George Floyd’s neck before he died. In it, dave does what he has so masterfully done throughout his career: he cuts deep.

If the next phase of coming together as a country involves understanding, then this set can go a long way.

It’s only this writer’s opinion, but I share it with many…and it’s that everyone should watch this. Well, everyone except maybe Candace Owens, Don Lemon, and Laura Ingraham. Check it out below:



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