Dascha Polanco on Being a Boss and Knowing Your Purpose

Dascha Polanco has been calling the shots in her career since day one.

If there’s someone that knows how to get ahead with hard work and dedication, it’s the Orange is the New Black actress. 

The Dominican beauty has been paving the way for other Latinos in Hollywood for years, and she’s done it with grace. 

On the verge of premiering two movies, In The Heights and Samaritan, Polanco hosted the first season of the ‘Brown Love’ podcast by Netflix, giving light to the stories of other Latinos in the entertainment industry like Diane Guerrero, Julissa Calderon, Selenis Leyva and other Netflix Latinx stars.

“The idea of Con Todo (Netflix) and bringing ‘Brown Love’ was to have an outlet where we as a community can highlight and identify leaders and people that are on their way or have contributed to the Latin community,” Polanco told LATV.

When Netflix came to her with the possibility of being the host, she did not have second thoughts about it. For the first season, Netflix chose the lineup of the guests that would be coming on the podcast (this was pre-quarantine). 

But as soon as lockdown started, the show was back on for a second season, in which Dascha became Executive Producer, recording the podcast from the comfort of her own quarantine headquarters, Atlanta, GA.

“You hear the stories of people and their trajectories and we all have similar trajectories. We keep on knocking doors but very few get the opportunity that is needed and it only takes one person to say yes and one person to guide you,” said Polanco about the patterns she saw while talking to her colleagues. “A lot of the people that I have been speaking to and even my own experience is putting yourself forward. Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re doing, but we’ll do it. Porque esa es la cultura de los latinos.”

That’s right, immigrants or not, we know how to hustle!

Dascha is sure to bring a huge deal of meaty information and resources for her audience during these hard times. Without going too far, just check out her social media accounts. They’ll put you in a good mood in a heartbeat.  

“It’s necessary to create content that has hope, the silver lining of it all,” she says.

Dascha finally shared what keeps her grounded is knowing her purpose and checking herself when feelings of entitlement, and even insecurities, come around. “At the end of the day, all this goes. What is meant for you is meant for you. Keep focused on what you wanna work on. Keep focused on what you wanna work on. Keep focused on what you think your purpose is and what you know. We always say things but only you know what your purpose is. El mañana no se sabe.”



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