dare me, netflix, netflix series,
dare me, netflix, netflix series,

Dare Me: New Hit Series on Netflix

Long weekends over the Holidays are all we needed to recharge after 2020 exhausted our batteries. At every family gathering, some of us are on Team Cooking and others on Team Watching TV. Amiright? …Whichever team you’re on, at the end of the day it’s about making memories together. 

Quick secret: we’re on Netflix’s binge-watching team. Since the release of Selena: The Series earlier in December and Tiny Little Things just a week ago, we couldn’t leave you without getting the 411 on Dare Me, a series that’s on Netflix now. 

Based on the novel by Megan Abbot by the same name, the story centers on Addy and Beth, two cheerleading friends from Sutton Grove High School. who go way back to childhood. But when a new coach arrives, things take a turn to involve them on a physical and psychological rollercoaster as they battle for first place on the team.

Meet the Cast

Willa Fitzgerald as Coach Colette French

Herizen Guardiola is Addy Hanlon 

Marlo Kelly stars as Beth Cassidy 

Rob Heaps as Matt French 

Catch Dare Me on Netflix now!



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