daddy yankee concert
daddy yankee concert

Daddy Yankee and other Reggaeton artists are protesting the Grammys.

Reggaeton artists are not happy with the Grammys.

The chart-topping genre is without a doubt the Latin zeitgeist of the music industry, with songs even getting Top 40 radio play in the United States despite the language barrier. Reggaeton and hip hop has a history of notoriously been overlooked by awards shows. On Tuesday, artist Daddy Yankee shared the following image with his 33 million followers.


Other artists such as J Balvin and Karol G made similar posts to voice their displeasure with the nominations.


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Frente a los Latin Grammy

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The Latin Grammys are November 14th and with final voting ending on Oct. 3rd, there’s a chance this could sway some awards.

How do you feel about the nominations? Do Reggaeton artists get the recognition they deserve? Are you going to watch the Latin Grammys? Let us know in the comments!



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