Cuban Contender Strikes Fear in UFC Opponents and Buffet Tables

He is one of the fiercest Cuban athletes of all time. An Olympic silver medalist, Yoel Romero is a beast. And he has been terrorizing the UFC’s middleweight division to the point that no MMA fighter on the roster wants to fight him; that is, except the champion: Israel Adesanya. This weekend, the two clash at UFC 248 in Las Vegas.

…and before he goes for his third and probably last attempt at a title, I caught up with my Cuban compadre to talk about what makes Cuban athletes, particularly in combat sports, so special.  Plus, he takes me through the hardest part, his weight cut. Yoel has actually missed weight before. It prevented him from winning an interim title even though he won the fight (against Luke Rockhold).

So the fact we met up at a buffet at scrumptious restaurant Hinoki and the Bird in Los Angeles meant we had to keep him from the food table. He went for a look, but thankfully it was just a look. Check it out.




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