Contradictions of the Holidays

Holidays are a time for family, joy, reflection…and many other things that sometimes that not only don’t make sense, but are in fact contradictory. Here are 3 clear examples:

1.You eat like there is no tomorrow and then being fit is the #1 priority for the next year…?

During the Holidays (starting with Thanksgiving), there is an obsession for eating, eating and more eating. Like we just suffered a famine and now it’s time to feast. Appetizers, first course, second course, dessert…another dessert…and another dessert…until you literally can’t eat anymore. But you keep eating because that’s what you do. And then, just a few days later on New Year’s eve, the number one resolution for people is always “Lose weight”. Gym memberships have a peak in subscriptions during the month of January…that drop shortly after. But…how about we don’t eat like pigs so we don’t need to kill ourselves in the gym afterwards? Just a thought.

2. It’s a time for being selfless and sharing…however it’s a time when we are most consumerist.

Shopping malls, Amazon Prime, Marshalls…are as busy as ever. Everyone is on a mission of consuming, consuming, consuming…but that’s not really the spirit of the holidays. The spirit of the holidays is sharing (not necessarily presents) but something more precious; your time and energy with the ones you love.

3.  It’s a family time…and also the time when most family feuds happen.

The holidays are one of the few occasions where you get reunited with all your family members…and that can turn ugly sometimes… We all have a family member that can push our buttons, but just think of the Spanish saying, “Una vez al año no hace daño.” So for the sake of the family unity, just ignore that annoying uncle and turn to your favorite cousin to catch up. Don’t let family differences ruin your holidays!




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