salsa dancing girls
salsa dancing girls

Colombian Salsa Dancers Break Guiness World Record

Guinness World Records just verified 343 videos published on Facebook to the page of critically acclaimed Colombian music and dance company, Delirio. The Colombian city of Cali is the first record of this format achieved in all of Latin America.

The Guinness World Record for “highest number of videos of people dancing the same song uploaded to Facebook for one hour” was obtained by Delirio after they organized hundreds of people dancing salsa at a virtual party on June 28. No studio to dance at? No problem at all!

The participants of the event called “In Cali, they call us dance,” were practicing social distance while they showed their salsa skills by dancing the emblematic song, “Cali Pachanguero” by the legendary Colombian Grupo Niche Orquesta. 

“After several days of research and analysis, the Guinness World Records team of records officially named Fundación Delirio as the holder of this record title,” the company announced in a statement.

Delirio has been around for decades, and some of the best salsa dancers come out of the school. Delirio brings together circus dancers, musicians, and artists of all ages from all over Colombia and the world to their four schools. The salsa scene in Colombia is run by the Afro-Colombian community that lives in Cali.

Cali, Colombia is positioned as the city with the largest black population in national territory and the second largest in Latin America, after Salvador Bahía, Brasil.

Delirio was completely overwhelmed by their Guinness World Record achievement.

“The Delirio Foundation thanks the more than 120,000 people who connected to this great virtual dance party, as well as the nearly 5,000 who danced to make history on the 484th birthday of Cali,” the company stated. “We are very happy and excited because we have once again demonstrated that dance is one of our forms of communication. We set out to break a new world record and we did it,” said the director of the Delirio Foundation Andrea Buenaventura.




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