jose andres
jose andres

Chef José Andrés Feeds America Through the Pandemic

In moments of crisis, the real heroes come to the surface – and chef José Andrés is one of them. The Spaniard Chef has served over 15 million meals worldwide after hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters, like this brand new pandemic that is disproportionately affecting Latinx and Black communities around the country.

Since the lockdown started, his organization has served more than 750,000 meals from Miami to Los Angeles, and Little Rock to Fairfax, Virginia – feeding 125 hospitals, students in school lunch programs, and even trapped cruise ship passengers. He also transformed eight of his acclaimed restaurants in New York City and Washington DC into “gourmet soup kitchens” for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

While the to-go only meals cost $7 for guests who can afford it, “those who cannot afford to pay we will welcome as well,” Andrés said in a statement.

What a generous and giving guy – no wonder he was named Humanitarian of the Year by the James Beard Foundation. Hopefully other celebrities will follow José Andrés’ lead, and help out in their communities however they can.

Photo: Richard Perry, NYT

Latino Chefs are also the subject of the new ABC show The Baker and the Beauty! Meet the cast:



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