bad bunny chef
bad bunny chef

Chef Bad Bunny Makes His Own Tasty Video

Just when you thought Tasty, the largest social food network in the world, couldn’t get any better – you guessed it – it got better! 

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, it is very likely that you have stumbled across (and saved) one or more Tasty videos with the intention of getting down in the kitchen (or just for drooling). And who could blame you, their easy-to-follow recipe videos have the potential to make anyone feel like a professional chef. 

As it turns out, we’re not alone. Bad Bunny, like most of us, has also been addicted to the remarkable step-by-step foodporn videos for quite some time. Bad Bunny openly confessed on Twitter that he, too, had been saving Tasty videos since 2015, but unfortunately had not cooked a single recipe…until now.

Bad Bunny was recently invited by the Tasty culinary team to make his own Tasty video. That’s right, Bad Bunny was featured on a Tasty video making a mouthwatering “Italian Sushi Roll” – and he nailed it.  While on set, El Conejo Malo also shared that he enjoys cooking chicken, rice, potatoes…oh ya, and loves cheese. 

If you are interested in making this recipe, let Chef Benito show you how.




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