Katy Perry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Lizzo voting
Katy Perry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Lizzo voting

Celebrities Turn Out to Encourage Voters on Election Day

In one of the most important and nail-biting elections that most people will see in their lifetime, some voters were surprised by some famous faces at polling sites there to cheer them on. From some of the biggest names in music to silver screen stars, these celebrities showed out to support those participating in the democratic process.

Snoop Dogg cast his ballot for the first time ever this year, and he shared his enthusiasm with early voters in Inglewood.

Katy Perry knows how much pride comes with wearing the iconic “I Voted” stickers, so she decided to become one! The singer hit the streets to remind citizens of their civic duty with a ridiculously large headdress.

Actress Marisa Tomei passed out cookies to voters waiting in line at Dodger Stadium. While there she ran into one excited bystander who was celebrating both election day and Día de Los Muertos

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda shouted out poll workers in New York’s Washington Heights for all their hard work and positive vibes.

Lizzo was decked out in election day regalia when she dropped off her ballot.

Emmy award winner Zendaya also got out early to vote but made sure to take a few for IG.

The Pittsburgh Steelers ordered meals for their hometown Allegheny County poll workers.



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