Carlos Mencia Responds to Joe Rogan, Internet Trolls Explode

Carlos Mencia came on the Checkitow Podcast. In the episode he comes clean about the devastating effect his now infamous confrontation with Joe Rogan on stage at The Comedy Store had on his career and personal life.  Parts of it were heartbreaking. He talked about losing it all. He admitted to being suicidal. It was insightful. It was tragic, even painful. But most of all, he was honest.

Now leave it to the internet trolls to absolutely hate on us. I say us, because apparently I pissed off Joe Rogan fans (which I count myself as), when I said during the podcast that if the Rogan of today could travel back in time he would not have been as abrasive and aggressive when confronting Mencia publically on stage, during his set no less.

I also pointed out that the viral video that made this big news was shot by Rogan’s then right hand man Brian Redband, and released the taped footage online. To record any comedian and publish the footage is strictly against Comedy Store rules, and the reason Rogan was banned from the Comedy Store, till he made his return (and practically took over the club) several years later.

Oh and I also called Rogan, who admittedly is one of my favorite personalities and the inspiration for the Checkitow podcast, “a jerk” in that situation. And if you watch the original confrontation you see what I mean. He was right in pointing out Mencia stole jokes, but he did it in ‘roid rage fashion. Anyway, here’s the podcast that everyone is talking about. And yes, scroll through the comments. I have never been trolled harder than this. And you now what? It’s kind of fun…

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