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Cardi B’s “WAP Back” at Birkin Collection Trolls

Cardi B, fresh off crashing Trump rallies with her ex-husband and interviewing Presidential candidate Joe Biden, is not tolerating what she calls “racist comments” about her collection of Hermès Birkin bags, calling out a social media post that claims the purses are “supposed to be exclusive” but have “literally lost their value” now that rappers like Cardi sport them.

For your information, Birkins typically start at around $10,000, but can retail for upwards of $250,000 smackeroos.

“I’ve been seeing this tweet that had me and it had other female rappers on it,” the “WAP” rapper, said in an Instagram post. “They were talking about if we could get Birkins from the Hermès store and it was also saying how we depreciate the value of a Hermès Birkin bag.”

Cardi also claps back at the trolls by touting her financial (if not grammatical) prowess, “First thing first, I definitely could get a bag. Actually, I got four bags today from the Hermès store. I don’t wanna brag but it’s like, don’t even try it. [but] Why is it that y’all asking female rappers if they could get a bag from the Hermès store? Y’all don’t do this to these white celebrities,” she said. “So why is it that y’all gotta be asking us?”





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