Rappers Cardi B and Offset
Rappers Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B Files For Divorce From Offset

“I don’t cook, I don’t clean…

But let me tell you how I got this ring”


Rapper Cardi B has officially had it with her man. It was reported earlier today that the “WAP” artist filed for a divorce from her hubby Offset. In the court documents, Cardi states that she and Offset are currently separated and “there are no prospects for a reconciliation.” “The docs also state that Cardi is seeking full custody of their 2-year-old child, Kulture. Not only that, she’s requesting that Offset pay all her legal expenses, pay child support and “an equitable division of all marital assets,” which means they probably didn’t have a prenup. Reports have been amended just hours ago by Cardi herself who says that she wants joint custody of Kulture and does not want this to be a contentious divorce. She also does not want any support from Offset – a.k.a. she has plenty of dough.

The rapping duo secretly married back in 2017. In 2018, Cardi threatened to leave Offset after rumors of cheating. Offset publicly begged his wife to not leave him – he even crashed her Rolling Loud set in 2018 because she wouldn’t take his calls. All of that, for what – just to cheat again? I don’t understand! 2 years later and days shy of their 3-year anniversary, they’re officially calling it quits!

I wanted this to work so bad, particularly because everyone was against it. But come on, you can’t say you didn’t see the writing on the wall…guess you need to do more than just have WAP to keep a man faithful. But what do I know? Lol. #TeamSingle



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