Cardi B and Joe Biden
Cardi B and Joe Biden

Cardi B and Joe Biden Talk Election Issues

Cardi B is not shy when it comes to speaking out, demanding respect for herself and others. The hip hop star’s unabashed sexuality and swagger made her one of the most fascinating artists topping the charts today. Fans of the “WAP” singer also know she has an affinity for US history and political science – she can even name every president in sequential order.

In an interview for Elle Magazine, Cardi B had the chance to speak with presidential candidate Joe Biden, and the two touched on some important topics being addressed in the upcoming election. Here are some of the moments that stood out.

“…we’re dealing with a pandemic right now, and I just want answers.”

On the topic of COVID-19, Cardi B expressed the frustration that many of us are feeling right now. As the US continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, citizens get mixed messages from representatives and little in the way of necessary government aid. She went on to stress her desire for Medicare for all in order for everyone to get the help they need.

“…it’s simple: We just want justice. We want to feel like Americans.”

With nationwide protests calling for racial equality in the wake of multiple killings of black people by police officers, the two discussed the United States’ ongoing civil rights movement. The rapper expressed the country’s need for inclusiveness and that the movement’s message is often spun negatively by racist opponents who’d rather keep the status quo. The former Vice President expressed his confidence in the younger generation’s action and enthusiasm for social change, but also that they need to show up to vote.

“I was just starving, I felt so discouraged…” 

Cardi B stated early on that she wanted college education to be free for all. She explained that as a college student in NYC, she had to balance a fulltime job with her classes just so she could get something to eat at the end of the day. Biden went on to say later in the interview (about 14min in) that if he were to be elected, that community college would be free for all. Families that make under $125,000 would get free education at other universities.

“Nobody’s more motivated than a mom.”

After the two talked about college and medicare, the conversation switched to childcare. Taking care of a child is a fulltime job, and COVID-19 doesn’t make it any easier. Access to childcare is vitally important as it allows a parent to make a living during the day without worrying about their young ones. Biden agreed with Cardi’s concern, recounting how his immediate family was able to look after his sons when his wife and daughter were killed in a traffic accident.

Check out the interview below:



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