Cannabis Company Stocks Soar Amid New Study

Even my Cuban dad who has never puffed on a joint in his life is buying cannabis stocks. This CBD craze is real, and the science is coming in to support it. So, as investors are high on new hopes that marijuana might help ward off the deadly coronavirus, cannabis company stocks are skyrocketing. Shares in major pot firms keep climbing as a Canadian study has allegedly proven that certain strains of cannabis may help prevent COVID-19 from entering host cells.

The research showed that various cannabis plants could block proteins that create a “gateway” for the new coronavirus to enter host cells. According to the findings, the cannabis strains are all high in CBD — the anti-inflammatory agent found in many cannabis consumer products — and low in THC, which is the psychoactive component of pot that gets you feeling a little fuzzy.

…but the study published in the online journal Preprints has not yet been peer reviewed.

Still, weed dispensaries across the US and Canada might as well link up with pharmacies and vitamin stores. This is music to the ears of cannabis users. Of course, it’s just one study – you can’t make any definitive medical conclusions off only one preliminary study. But, it looks promising, and potheads are typically an optimistic bunch.

For more on the affect of the COVID-crisis on the cannabis industry, check out our exclusive interview with Latina cannabis mogul Priscilla Vilchis.



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