Canelo Álvarez and Callum Smith
Canelo Álvarez and Callum Smith

Canelo to Fight Callum Smith December 19th

For the first time this year, Mexico’s superstar fighter will enter the ring in an attempt to unify the super-middleweight belts on December 19th. His opponent is currently the world’s top-rated super middleweight fighter, Callum Smith.

Álvarez is undoubtedly one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world, and is the clear cut favorite. The early odds out of vegas put him at around a -400 favorite . Despite being at the top of the boxing world, he’s looking to prove his worth against the undefeated Smith after a falling out with Golden Boy Promotions. By winning this fight, Canelo can remind the boxing world what made him worth his $300+ million contract in the first place.

For Smith, the fight is an opportunity to avenge his brother Liam’s loss to Álvarez back in 2016. Though an underdog, Smith is 6 inches taller than Canelo at 6′ 3″ and fights at a heavier 168 pounds, giving the Liverpool native a few reasons to feel confident going into the bout.

This isn’t to say that Canelo will be caught off guard by his foe. He has moved weight classes before without missing a step, having fought in everything from super welterweight to light heavyweight. A fight like this is familiar territory for the favorite, but there is still an uncertainty surrounding this year that’s been mostly absent of large spectacle fights. The long break is leading some fans to believe that Callum is primed to bring the heat.

After seeing Teófimo López’s rise to stardom, will Canelo remain one of the premier attractions in the sport, or does 2020 have yet another surprise left? We’ll be watching this December with a warm cup of Café de Olla.



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