biden and obama
biden and obama

Biden Delivers on Final Night of DNC

Tonight was the final night of the nation’s first “virtual” Democratic National Convention, and Joe Biden’s acceptance speech was the centerpiece. Many were worried that he may not be able to step up to the challenge; but against all odds, he delivered.

Biden’s biggest obstacle to overcome was the harsh criticism he has faced from Trump and members of the GOP that he is not mentally stable enough to be the next President. At 78, Biden would become the oldest President elected to a first term, taking that record from Trump.

While Biden may have started off a bit hesitant, the second half of his speech was charismatic, passionate, and full of strength. Not only did he prove his competence, he demonstrated his political prowess and stood strong with the middle of America. He appealed to the compassion and empathy of all American citizens and reminded everyone that together we will overcome Trump’s divisive rhetoric.

When it mattered most, Joe Biden came through. Now let’s see what he can do in the Electoral College…



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