Becky G en la sala podcast poster
Becky G en la sala podcast poster

Becky G Launches a Podcast to Highlight Latinx Issues

Becky G and Gema Productions have launched “En La Sala,” a brand-new multimedia podcast hosted and curated by superstar Becky G, available on Amazon Music and streaming live on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel. The first episode, which you can listen to here, covers a wide range of topics important to the Latinx community, including discussions about Latinx pride, relationships, politics, sports and more. The episode also features cameos from some of the most important names in Latin music including MalumaGuaynaaGente de ZonaMau y RickyMyke Towers, and more. Becky even opens up about getting caught by her parents the first (and only) time she ever snuck out of the house when she was younger.

As part of “En La Sala,” Becky G is dedicating each episode to a non-profit organization related to the theme of the week, starting this week with The Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles. With a charitable donation attached to each episode in order to pay it forward to organizations directly impacting the Latinx community in a positive way, Becky sets the standard for her guests and listeners, because at #EnLaSalaPodcast, you can’t just talk about it – you have to be about it too.

Becky, together with fellow Latinx creator Diana Dotel of Gema Productions, developed and produced the podcast with a shared goal of creating a platform with social purpose that amplifies Latinx voices to raise awareness of issues affecting marginalized communities. In the weeks ahead on “En La Sala,” Becky G will be joined by some of the biggest names in music and entertainment and her familia and friends, to discuss Latinx pride, women empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, relationships, politics, sports, and much more — all while unpacking the most important issues facing the Latinx community today. And she just gave one of the best speeches at the AMA’s.

Becky G on why she started this podcast:

“To tell you the truth, I’ve also been wanting to start a podcast for some time. As soon as corona hit and all of us were stuck at home with the cuarentena and everything happening, I think that for me, it just felt like, I didn’t have any more distractions from what was going on in society, from the reality that we were all facing. And the really awesome conversations that I was having with my family, I was dying to have to have with my fans and with my audience. And I felt like this avenue of having a podcast is a new line of communication that I can have with them that I’ve never had before.”

Check out the Pinkafe podcast!



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