Bad Bunny Spices Up Playboy Magazine

Here he goes again, making history. This man does not stop!

Just about everyone is FREAKING out about Bad Bunny being the first male to ever be featured on the cover of Playboy…he’s honest, open, vulnerable and most of all…sexy. We can’t wait to see Bad Bunny on Narcos Mexico Season 3! And we already know from his Bad Bunny Savage X Fenty show that he’s got the style to be a coverdude.

But if you thought Playboy was just about naked pictures and sex, you were wrong! This captivating article digs into the subjects of battling machismo in the music industry, inclusivity, sexist and machista cultural issues, the objectification of women, the music’s overlooked Black roots and the struggles of Afro-Latinx artists in music. The article also features some of the best and most amazing qualities of Bad Bunny from quotes on his childhood, thoughts on inclusivity, reasons why he does what he does, and of course, sex.

Written by Venezuelan-American music journalist E.R. Pulgar, it takes a dive not only into Bad Bunny’s life, career and efforts to unite people, but also into the music industry, the issues that need to be faced and how Benito is genuinely fighting for change.

“Latin hip-hop… and the genres under its umbrella, including dembow, reggaeton and Latin trap, have been the subject of debate regarding (dis)empowerment, exclusion and objectification. This is due… to the problematic aspects that often pervade its lyrics, the by-product of sexist and machista cultural influences. Bad Bunny consistently subverts these stereotypes with work that centers women’s pleasure, illuminates queer voices and crafts  a futuristic imagery to discuss these stories. Before him few, if any, mainstream cis-hetero musicians in Latin hip-hop cared for these issues, let alone tackled them head-on.”

Pulgar goes on to say, “He has become known for confronting homophobia and rejecting traditional gender roles in everyday life” and “his commitment to gender-fluid performance reveals a determination to strengthen inclusivity.”

E.R. Pulgar : Bad Bunny Is Not Playing God

The interview is only about a 15-minute read, and you can head over to Playboy to check it out. There’s also a dope video of the photoshoot featured. Note that this photoshoot went down all before COVID and quarantine. Bad Bunny is really out here trying to change the world one perreo at a time and I’m not mad at it!

I loved everything about this interview! There’s so much in it that you have to read it for yourself, but here are some highlights:

BB on Puerto Rico and why he does what he does: “I have always done what I feel is right, I was born in Puerto Rico, and I still live in Puerto Rico. I am living my dream thanks to Puerto Rico, and more than a responsibility, it’s a connection that makes me do things naturally—get it? If something happens and we need to help, I do it because they are my people, famous or not—it’s a matter of the heart.”

BB on his childhood: “When I was locked in my room making music, I had a plan… In my room I had everything I needed. As long as I was making music or listening to music, I was happy.”

BB on then YHLQMDLG cover art: “It could be any boy … He has powers because he thinks differently and has a vision of the future beyond what others see. The people around him bully him, but he’s more powerful than all those who think he’s crazy, because he has that vision.”

BB on women in the industry: “The music industry and society in general [treat women] like they’re nothing. Women are human beings and deserve respect and the same treatment as anybody else.”

BB on inclusivity: “There’s nothing worse than being somewhere and feeling like you don’t belong. I’ve been trying to make sure everybody feels part of the culture of reggaeton. I want to make sure they feel that they have someone there, that friend that can stand up for them.”

BB on sex: “I think that sex is a giant world, and everyone is free to see it as they want and do it with whoever they want, however they want, with infinite possibilities. In the end, we are human beings. Everybody feels, everybody falls in love with whoever they’re meant to.”

But my favorite thing that he said during this interview was:

“Can you take this crown off? It stings, puñeta!”



The Playboy article was written by E.R. Pulgar, a Venezuelan American poet and music journalist. Born in Caracas and raised in Miami, his writing deals in the grey spaces of sexuality, Latinx identity, spirituality and lyricism. His music and culture writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, i-D, PAPER, Billboard, VICE En Español and elsewhere. [Bio from Playboy]




Photographed by:

Celebrity photographer STILLZ

[Photo courtesy IG:@er_pulgar]






Want more Bad Bunny? Ask no more! Here he is making history yet again on the cover of Rolling Stone and you can also check him out making sushi rolls in a Tasty video!



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