Bad Bunny in front of detained immigrants
Bad Bunny in front of detained immigrants

Bad Bunny Gets Political with ‘Pero Ya No’

Headlines of popular artists denying campaigns permission to use their songs has become a common theme as elections quickly approach. Rarely do we see an artist endorse a campaign with a song off one of the biggest albums of the year. This is the case with Puerto Rican trap star Bad Bunny, who has thrown himself in the mix as his song, “Pero Ya No,” appeared in a recent Biden campaign ad.

There’s a lot to unpack in the 30 second ad, as Bad Bunny’s song plays over a montage of Trump theatrics mirrored with images of civil unrest during his presidency. It begins by showing an arena full of Trump’s supporters in fervent jubilation over his victory, which is immediately followed by his failed Tulsa rally. The spot goes on to highlight detained immigrants, Trump tossing paper towels to Hurricane Maria survivors in Puerto Rico, and the administration’s failed response to combat the spread of COVID-19. The lyrics of “Pero Ya No” call out Trump’s cheap symbolic gestures like his police enforced photo-op by a church and kissing the American flag, stating his patriotic facade won’t help him this November.

Joe Biden has been ramping up his campaign publicity with a clear focus on reaching Latinx voters. Earlier in August, he joined another chart-topper, Cardi B, to discuss topics such as healthcare, education, and racial equality. The singer was fresh off of hitting number one with her hit single, “WAP.”

Check it out for yourself below and don’t forget to vote!



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