Are You Tired of Bad News? John Krasinski is Too

Since the whole pandemic started, the vast majority of news out there has been quite discouraging – and it is precisely in moments like these that we need more levity and humor. So if you want to give your mind a break and you have already finished Tiger King, it’s time for you to tune in into “Some Good News.”

John Krasinski started this initiative to infuse some feel-good news into the media. Because even in the most dramatic scenarios, there are always silver linings if you choose to see them – and Krasinski exemplifies that.

In early March, he and wife Emily Blunt were on the red carpet in New York for the premiere of their latest movie, A Quiet Place Part II. Just four days later, the film was delayed as coronavirus fears triggered shutdowns across the country. But, instead of feeling defeated, he put out a call on Twitter asking fans to send him stories “that made you feel good this week, or the things that just made you smile.” The first video, released March 29, has now been viewed more than 16 million times. Check it out below:

As my abuela would say, “al mal tiempo, buena cara.” We can’t control external factors, but we can surely control how we react to them.

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