All In: The Fight for Democracy

“The fundamental power of democracy lives in the right to vote. If you protect that right, you create possibilities for everything else.” – Stacey Abrams. Make sure you register to vote and while you’re at it check out this important new film on Amazon!

Amazon Studios has released a powerful, must-watch documentary; ALL IN: THE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY. Because sadly, something as fundamental as voting, has been and still is a fight for many of us. This is a riveting examination of voter suppression in the United States of America. Current activism as well as historical insight expose what corrupted our democracy from the moment it was founded. Every time we the people take a step toward a more just and equal nation — granting rights to the disenfranchised, from women’s suffrage to desegregation — new forces and obstacles emerge that require us to fight for our right to vote once again. Stacey Abrams, the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives and the first female African-American major-party gubernatorial nominee, offers an insider’s look at the patchwork of laws and barriers designed to hinder voting. Many US citizens remain unaware of this dangerous threat to their basic right to wield their power and raise their voices at the polls. 

Directed and produced by Oscar® and Emmy-nominated Afro-Latina, Lisa Cortés and Oscar®-nominated and Emmy-winning Liz Garbus, ALL IN explores fundamental questions: Who gets to participate in our democracy, and who is pushed aside? How can we all fight back? Voting is the cog that makes the machinery of democracy work — and if the machinery breaks for some, it will eventually break for all…

The documentary left me speechless. I’m from a country, Spain, where many things don’t work perfectly, but voting is not one of them. There is a very organized system in which you don’t need to register to the census. They already have you counted. If you are born in Spain or you became a citizen, the Government keeps track of all that data and notifies the Census where each individual has to go and vote. There are many polling stations so you don’t need to wait for hours to vote. There is a verification process where 2 people check your ID and check that you are only voting once. After that, the votes are securely dropped at the different locations where the counting takes place. If you can’t vote in person, there is also a vote by mail option which is completely funded by the Government.

It’s really hard to grasp that one of the leading countries in the world still has all these issues with voter suppression. So, please join the fight to make sure your rights are secured.



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