Latina Tik Tok Star Alexia del Valle Shines Bright

One month is not enough to celebrate our latinidad. Even though we’ve already made it to November, here’s one more reason to celebrate and it comes from our favorite platform, but before you ask yourself is TikTok getting banned? Meet one of it’s rising stars! 

Our Latinx roots and heritage are embedded in our hearts and souls, and if there’s one Latina who carries her flag loud and proud — and has been making a buzz on social media for a while — it’s Tik Toker Alexia del Valle. 

If you have yet to see her transformations into Latina icons like JLo, Ivy Queen and Celia Cruz, you’ll be in love with the rest of The Puerto Rican’s short form content.

Latinx tiktoker alexia del valle

One of the Newyorican’s most viral creations has been her version of Jennifer López’s “Jenny from the Block.” Every detail about her outfit, the sparkly hat, the hoops, the red lipstick, the Yankees jersey, makes us bring out the JLo within us all; plus, her looks give us Selena’s nostalgia. 

@lexdelvalleThere’s only one queen and that’s Ivy Queen🇵🇷♥️ ##fyp ##parati ##reggaeton ib:@prisymontoya♬ Yo Quiero Bailar – Ivy Queen

Alexia is full of confidence in all her videos; however, she’s not pushing vulnerability to the side. Besides demonstrating her sweetness via photos on IG, some of her most viewed Tik Toks talk about typical Gen Z and millennial hot topics that range from dating to body positivity, and all things Latinx culture.

Check her out at @lexdelvalle on Instagram and Tik Tok! Meanwhile, we’re going to get ready for the Big Canelo fight this December!



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