67 Year Old Abuelita Graduates from Texas Tech

Congratulations to San Juanita Valenciano, a 67 year old abuelita who has graduated from Texas Tech University! After having started college way back in 1971 at Lubbock Christian University and then getting side tracked by marriage, family and whatever else went on in the 20th century, she decided to return to school and get her degree. She is now the recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Just like Gabriela Leon Gutierrez Coronavirus fighting hero Latina scientist, she’s an accomplished genius making our community proud! 

“When we were growing up, my mom always instilled in us that getting an education was important,” said Valenciano. “No one could take that away from you.” She told the Everything Lubbock in the article announcing her graduation. 

Valenciano has a husband and all three children who are all alumni from Texas Tech! Thank you for inspiring us and reminding us that it’s never ever too late to get an education!



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