Margarita Montanez on local news
Margarita Montanez on local news

Abuela Delivers Tamales to Thank Her Doctors

During difficult times such as these, a little gratitude goes a long way, and one abuela showed a lifetime’s worth when she delivered 800 tamales to the doctors that helped her recover from COVID-19.

Margarita Montanez is a mother of 6 with 12 grandchildren. Margarita’s daughter was alarmed when her mom registered a fever of over 102 degrees, and took her to the hospital immediately. There, Margarita spent 20 days in the hospital, several of which were in the ICU on a ventilator.

Thanks to her incredible resilience and the skilled professionals at the Cedars-Sinai medical center, Margarita Montanez has been reunited with her family just in time for the holidays. Her successful recovery joins other feel good stories much like 103 year old Doña María who recovered from the virus earlier this year. As a sincere thanks for both the medical and emotional support, Margarita spent 5 days making her annual tamales for her caregivers – a tradition that now carries added significance for the Montanez family.

We too can show a little gratitude by wearing our masks to help our families and frontline workers stay safe!



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