alex rodriguez at bat
alex rodriguez at bat

A-Rod Knew He Would ‘Lock it Down’ Two Decades Ago

We’re almost halfway through the Summer and we can’t forget that the most popular Latino celeb couple, Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez, just happen to share birthdays a few days apart in July, which pre-pandemic has been one of the biggest events of the Summer every year. 

Because of COVID, J-Lo and A-Rod have gotten to spend lots of time together, but two decades before their romance began, the former baseball player already knew that his ideal date would be with the ‘Newyorican’ actress and singer, aka Jenny from the Block. He visualized it and it happened – which means manifestations work, mi gente.

In case you missed it, a video broadcast by the MLB Network showed that since 1998, the former athlete of Dominican descent already knew who his amor platónico was. In the clip, a 23-year-old Alex is seen confessing his attraction to the actress, who at the time was 29.

“Who would Alex Rodriguez’s dream date be?” a young A-Rod was asked back then.

The former Seattle Mariners baseball star responded almost without hesitation.

“Jennifer Lopez,” he said. “Hopefully you can get me a date with her.”

Rodríguez knew what he wanted in life and got exactly that: not only did he a get a date with Jennifer López, he got the whole nine: an engagement with houses and kids included. 

It only took almost two decades. But that’s okay! It goes to show that if you firmly believe in something, it will happen. When you know something deep in your heart, the universe listens…but you have to put in the work!

In 2020, it seems like A-Rod’s fantasy of spending lots of time with López (and kids) has become a reality – and we are here for it.

Rodríguez and López started dating in 2017 and announced their engagement in March of 2019. Their wedding was planned to go down in 2020, but, guess what happened instead!? 2020 happened. To be continued…



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