robot woman behind circuit board
robot woman behind circuit board

A.I. Robots Have Become Film Actors

At first, it was the police, then delivery drivers, and now robots are replacing actors, too.

The film industry has struggled with finding ways to keep those working on set safe during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been particularly difficult for actors, as they are mostly required to perform without PPE. Unless Hollywood only wants to make movies about Iron Man, Jason Voorhees, or Tom Cruise in sex cults, they’ll need more options for performers.

In comes Erica, a COVID-19 proof AI-powered robot whose sole purpose is to act. She is slated to play a leading role in a Sci-Fi movie titled, b, a $70 million feature that will showcase the bot’s training in acting methods, emotional expression, and body language as stated by The Hollywood Reporter. Erica won’t require a facemask, but she has contract stipulations requiring nearby outlets and a non-electrical stunt double for underwater scenes.

There are so many interesting possibilities for storytelling with the addition of A.I. We’ve already seen the technology’s humorous attempt at writing a screenplay. While there are still a number of existential questions to be answered such as the ethics forcing humanity onto technology, or if a toaster should become the next Robert De Niro; at least we’ll have something new on our Netflix queue!



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