Students watching a presentation
Students watching a presentation

A Big Win for Multicultural Representation at MCTP in Atlanta

When it comes to making sure there’s opportunities to get multicultural students into the careers that affect how we’re represented in media, MCPT is showing up for the multicultural Atlanta community. This October 16-17th, Publicis Media hosted the MCTP (MultiCultural Talent Pipeline) 10 Years of Excellence event at their office campus in Atlanta Georgia bringing awareness and creating opportunities for multicultural students from participating colleges who are exploring careers in media and marketing. 

“In the advertising industry, inclusion is no longer ‘nice to do’ – it is a business imperative,” said Lisa Torres, President of MultiCultural at Publicis Media executive sponsor of the Multicultural Talent Pipeline. “Inclusion is engrained in our culture, and we believe bringing more diversity into our network is what will drive innovation and help us future proof our business – and further, the whole industry. The MultiCultural Talent Pipeline is a key pillar of our inclusion strategy and continues to help us deliver on our promise of creating a more diverse marketing and media ecosystem.”

As a brand that provides these opportunities, LATV showed up to support by partnering with Entravision to sponsor this important event that brings together media companies and young talent from our community. 

Throughout the week students were treated to a series of panels, activities and keynotes addressing all areas of media and marketing to give students insights on the industry including “From a ‘Hand Raiser’ to a ‘Game Changer’ moderated by Dana Bonkowski, SVP Multicultural lead at Starcom. Students gained first-hand knowledge of how to build their careers from leaders currently thriving in the marketplace. They also were able to learn about important case studies that address changing demographics like how Zenith refocused Rimmel on Gen Z and multicultural audiences with a hyper-local and social approach. 

“It was great to have been a part of this well attended event. These students represent what our marketplace will look like in the near future and supporting events like MCPT, is what we want to be a part of,” said Gisella Fu-Ripp Director of Sales at LATV. 

For a decade MCTP has been an invaluable resource in making sure we’re represented in the roles and positions where we can make the most impact. “We started the MultiCultural Talent Pipeline in 2009 with a simple goal: educate rising college and junior and seniors about the opportunities available to them within our industry, and recruit the best and brightest multicultural talent,” said Brian Vaught, SVP, Talent Inclusion at Publicis Media and leader of the Multicultural Talent Pipeline. “Ten years later, we’re proud to have moved the needle with this event. Each MCTP class leaves with a strong understanding the business and the employment options available to them across the many facets of marketing and media. This year, our focused and deliberate recruiting efforts resulting in our largest MCTP class to date and an increase in potential hires. We hosted 143 Students (20.5% increase from 2018) and their professors, had over 30+ Universities in attendance, conducted 79 On-site Interviews. By all measures, it was our most successful event in the program’s history.” 

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