women's hands together
women's hands together

A 2020 Perspective and Reaction to Current Societal Issues

The fight for racial justice continues to be a top driver for society. But the question is, how can the Latinx community support the current efforts for inclusion? It’s simple – by addressing the bias within our community and helping each other break down barriers.

A lot of media coverage around the Latinx experience is hyper-focused on the immigration experience, but those two identities and experiences aren’t mutually exclusive, nor are they interchangeable. What do we do then? 

I was part of a panel in which three different journalists from Latinx media outlets were asked to weigh in on the media perspective and its reaction to current societal issues. Some of the topics were regarding the global pandemic that we’re living in today; however, the issues of diversity and inclusion and uplifting our Latino community were also prominent in the conversation. 

The fact of the matter is, even if you are a media persona or not, we must use every platform to get our message across! There’s a vacuum of information coming out directly to the Latinx community and, although a few media outlets have made it a point to create awareness about different topics, there’s still so much to say. 

The content that we are producing has to become more resourceful and informative for our community. Topics that were barely talked about before have to become the headlines. We need stories of those who have overcome struggles, illnesses, people who have pushed through to bring their families and their business forward despite the global pandemic. And let’s not forget, topics like wellness, self-care, and mental health need to stop being taboo in our families. 

We must keep showcasing those who have pushed through and have reinvented themselves to become flexible within their business model. Those who are adapting to the new “normal” by adopting new ways of being good citizens of the world in a way that benefits everyone. The Latinx community will keep getting stronger. 

Let us know: How can we, as Latinx media, approach and cover race, gender, politics, and societal issues? We’d love to hear your opinion on Facebook.



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