8 year old Mexican Boy Wins World Championship of Mental Calculation

An 8 year old Mexican boy has won the World Championship of Mental Calculation. Just like Gabriela Leon Gutierrez Coronavirus fighting hero Latina scientist, he’s an accomplished genius making our community proud!   That’s right this elementary schooler from Queretaro, Sergio Antonio Luna Alvarez traveled to the competition in China as a part of a delegation of 79 students. A total of 621 children from 16 nations participated. So what does it take to become a champion of mental calculation?

Sergio Antonio actually won the champions Cup by solving 70 math problems in a record time of 3 and a half minutes.

Sergio Antonio actually won the Champions Cup by solving 70 math problems in a record time of 3 and a half minutes. 70 math problems in 3 and a half minutes, that’s really impressive, at 8 years old the only problems I could solve in under 4 minutes involved Oreo Deconstruction, which by the way is a great name for a rock band.

So why are Mexican youngsters performing so well in these kind of competitions? It turns out Mexico has been doing some pretty good work in getting kids prepared academically. For example, Sergio Antonio is involved in an ALOHA Mental Calculation program and through it he was able to compete and win at the state level in Queretaro before winning the national contest called “Copa de Excelencia.”

Throughout the World Championship of Mental Calculation, of the 79 Mexican children who competed, 49 won some sort of recognition and 13 of them took home the title of “ World Champion” which is given to only those who can complete the 70 error free calculations in under 5 minutes. If you had to prove a skill in under 5 minutes, let us know what you would be the world champion in.

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