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7 Exciting At-Home Activities

I get that being locked in your house for 2 weeks straight might sound boring; but actually, it’s the perfect time to do all the things you have been putting off while keeping yourself safe from the outside world. Here are some examples:

1) Time for Spring cleaning: Have you seen Marie Kondo on Netflix? If you haven’t, you should probably start today – because you’re guaranteed to find a lot of things you forgot about, and a lot you no longer need! Now is the best time to organize those cabinets, drawers and closets. Put everything you don’t need in bags, and once the quarantine is over, you can drop them at your nearest Goodwill store and feel lighter.

2) Meditate. I know you have probably been using the excuse, “I can’t afford to sit down for 10 minutes and do nothing” – but now you can’t play that card. Even though you need it most when you are too busy, now is a good time to start your practice. And please don’t think of meditation as “just sitting and doing nothing.” As a matter of fact, you are doing something very important. You are not spacing out, you are training your mind to be still and present. It’s one of the hardest things a human can do. One of my favorite sites is Insight Timer. You can download it and start with short meditations of only 5 minutes.

3) Take time to reflect. Sometimes we go on auto-pilot and we let our true selves evaporate into a mundane, daily routine. Now that you are faced with you, it’s a good time to write things down you would like to explore, things that aren’t working for you anymore…it’s a good time for reflection.

4) Enjoy intimacy: If you are in a romantic partnership, take this time to bond even more with your partner. Listen, if you have to be locked in for two weeks, you might as well have some fun. Throughout our daily lives, especially with work, commuting and kids…sometimes you are so busy and so tired that you have to schedule a “personal night” in advance.

5) Read a good book. This is a great time to read – and I mean to read a good novel, not all the tweets about COVID-19.

6) Watch good movies. If you are not a big reader, then the other good option is to watch a movie or a TV show. We’ll share a list with you in the next few days with some really good movies that never get old.

7) Organize your photo albums: Physical or digital, this is a good time to start organizing those photos. You will be surprised by the amount of pictures you have on your phone.

I hope these few suggestions will keep you entertained while the world heals.



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