ginger tea with lemon
ginger tea with lemon

7 Foods Believed to Help Your Immune System

With all the craziness surrounding COVID-19, it’s not a bad idea to give your immune system a fighting chance by adding a few things to your diet. Here are 7 foods many people believe can help.


Cinnamon: This spice has tremendous anti-viral properties. Cinnamon boiled in water can actually treat the common cold as well as the flu, and even gum related problems.

garlic cloves

Garlic: Garlic is not only good to keep vampires out of sight, it is one of the world’s strongest anti-viral foods. Research shows that garlic has the potential to either kill or cripple as many as 72 different strains of bacteria and icky viruses. So go ahead and start throwing garlic in all your meals, just in case.

spinach salad

Foods rich in Folic Acids: Spinach, broccoli, and other leafy greens rich in vitamin B are fantastic sources of folic acid. Consuming folic acid actually boosts white blood cell count in order to fight off different viruses.

powdered turmeric and ginger

Ginger and Curcumin: Over centuries, ginger and curcumin have been used to treat diseases and any form of congestion.

lemon on a tree

Lemon: This citrus fruit has tons of Vitamin C and useful minerals. It has tremendous anti-viral properties and can cure many diseases. Lemon is also super versatile and can be used to enhance all kinds of cuisine – just ask Paola Petrella.


Onion: Besides garlic, onion is a very strong antibiotic food. It was used to treat Russian soldiers during World War II.

dill herbs

Dill: This herb is well known for its anti-viral properties. Dill is known to cure stomach flus and viral infections.

So my friends, instead of stocking your shopping cart with toilet paper, check out some of these effective DIY antiviral remedies!  Stay safe during this pandemic, And look, if this 103-year-old Latina can survive covid, maybe we can all rest a little easier and be less scared.





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